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We realise that you are buying over the Internet and therefore need to be confident in your purchase. Therefore all of our diamonds above 0.3 carats come with a certificate from an independent Diamond Grading Laboratory.

What is Detailed on a Diamond Certificate or Report?

A diamond certificate identifies the individual characteristics that determine the quality of a specific diamond:

  • Cut - How expertly it was cut and polished. To make a diamond really sparkle, it must be cut to very precise symmetry and dimensions.
  • Clarity - Clarity outlines exactly what flaws are apparent in the diamond. Some stones are flawless, but most have some level of flaws. Tiny flaws will not affect the performance of a diamond. 1791's diamonds are all clarity graded at SI2 and above.
  • Colour - This will record the diamond's colour rating, from colourless (grades D-H) through to yellow (M-Z). At 1791, we use only D-H graded diamonds.
  • Carat - This will record the precise carat weight (size) of the diamond.

Independent Diamond Grading Laboratories

We have made sure that your diamond will only be certified by an Independent Diamond Grading laboratory. Independent laboratories only examine and grade diamonds, they do not sell them. Therefore, they will not make any diamond a better grade than it actually is - the certificate will be true to your stone.

The laboratories we use in Australia are:

  • DCLA - Australia's only CIBJO certified lab

The International laboratories that we use are:

  • GIA - The Gemological Institute of America
  • HRD - (Hoge Raad voor Diamant)
independent diamond certification and reports

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