Platinum Engagement Rings

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Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum Engagement Rings radiate a rich, lustrous silver tone and compliment your sparkling white diamond perfectly. They are also more resilient than gold and hypo allergenic. We also do rings in Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold.

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Choose Platinum for your Engagement Ring

Platinum is the most durable of precious metals used at 1791 Diamonds and is therefore a great choice for your engagement ring. It is the same white colour as 18kt white gold and the metal enhances the size and brightness of your diamond. It is more expensive than white gold, but it is stronger and more durable. At 1791 Diamonds, we use 95% pure platinum.

platinum engagement ring

The Ignite Engagement Ring in platinum allows the sparkle to fall beautifully across your finger.

platinum engagement ring

The Maia Engagement Ring, from our Signature Collection is an elegant and stylish design in platinum.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

You can design your own unique dream engagement ring with our Head Jewellery Designer. Here is an example of the process she follows with her clients:

engagement ring design Initial design sketches are done by Alice and then sent to the client for discussion.
custom engagement ring The finished design is drawn up in 3D photo realistic CAD for the client's final approval.
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Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement rings at 1791 Diamonds are available in 18kt White Gold, 18kt Yellow Gold and Platinum. Below are some examples of Gold Diamond Engagement Rings:

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Embrace a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring from our Modena Collection
white gold engagement ring Brillante a White Gold Engagement Ring from our Modena Collection
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