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Insurance for Engagement Rings

Valuations are often necessary so that you can arrange insurance for your engagement ring. On this page we will cover the following:


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Insurance Valuations for Engagement Rings

yellow and white gold engagement ringYour normal household contents insurance company can usually insure your Engagement Ring for you.

Some insurance companies will require an independent valuation. Some companies will require that their appointed valuer is used. Some only require a receipt of purchase.

We can arrange an independent valuation for you for a small fee of $120 AUD.

In each insurance valuation you receive the report, this is very important as it outlines the specifics of your engagement ring.

What to Expect in a Valuation?

A photograph, detailed description of design, diamond grades, metal and quality of diamond cut and craftsmanship are all things that you should expect in a good valuation. Insurance valuations also include a monetary valuation of your engagement ring.

It is essential to get a good valuation as these are all important factors to replace engagement rings.

Let's Go Shopping

shop for engagement rings online Hopefully we have covered all the important things you need to know about engagement rings. If you still have any questions, please use the enquire button at the top of the page.

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