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We Recognise That Your Privacy is Very Important

Version 2.1 February 27th 2009.

First Our Promise:

If you consent to receiving emails but later change your mind, just let us know and we will take you off the mailing list. Get in touch via the contact us web page.

If you provide us with information, but later want to review that information, correct it, or have it removed from our database, just let us know and we will do that. Get in touch via the contact us web page.

The rest of this policy outlines in more detail: in what circumstances we collect information and how we do that; how we store that information; how you can access, correct or have that information deleted; in what circumstances we might disclose that information and any unique identifiers we store. First let's be clear about why we collect any information at all.

Purpose of Collecting Information

Customer Specific: There are various reasons why we, like other websites, collect information. The most obvious is that we need certain information to: deliver products to you; to charge you for those products; and to communicate with you in regard to an order.

General website user: We also need to record certain information so that we can monitor how well our website works in order that we can improve it.

Friends/Family/Community: We also record information you entrust to us about friends and family. For instance, our website has a feature whereby you can ask a friend or family member their opinion on a diamond engagement ring you are considering. Please ensure you have their consent before sending them an email.

Consequence of Not Providing Information

Clearly, you can choose not to provide any personal information. Obviously, in that circumstance, certain website features won't work and of course we won't be able to send you any products.

Collection of Information

General Internet communication: Your Internet service provider allocates your computer an IP address whilst it is connected to the Internet. An IP address is a bit like a PO box number. When you visit our website, your web browser sends your IP address and certain other information, such as the name of the particular page you want to read, to our web server. Our server has to know your computer's IP address in order to send that page to you. Other information that is commonly sent is: the type of web browser you are using; your language preference; the web page that referred you to our website; and the date and time.

Please note that sometimes further information can be inferred from your IP address, for example the Internet service provider you use, or your computer's approximate location.


We analyse how you use our site in order to improve it. This mainly involves monitoring the sequence of pages you choose and at what point you left our site. In order to do this, our web server sends your web browser a small information token, called a cookie. If you subsequently view other pages on our website, your browser may send the cookie back to our server and this allows us to know it is the same person returning as opposed to a new person. Importantly, this mechanism also allows us to recall any decisions you make or information you send to us.

Personal Information

You may also explicitly choose to tell us more personal information such as your email address, name, address etc. Our credit card processor may also record your credit card number and other information relating to a payment. We do not ourselves collect your credit card information. Note our payment provider uses encryption technology called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) so that people are deterred from listening in on the transmission between your browser and the web server when you send your credit card details.

Storage of Information

Database: We take very seriously the protection of any information you send to us. We aim to ensure we record the information accurately and prevent others from accessing it. We use modern database technology, firewalls, passwords and, for certain very sensitive information, encryption.

Access: If at any time you want to know the information we hold about you, please simply get in touch via the contact us web page and we will let you know.

Correct: If at any time you think information we hold needs correcting, please simply get in touch via the contact us web page and we will update the information.


Except in an exceptional circumstance, such as if another organisation bought our company, we wouldn't transfer your information to anyone unless they were doing something as an agent for us. If we do use an agent, we will require them to comply with this policy and mandate they delete all information when they have finished the task we requested of them.

We of course have to abide by the law. If a law enforcement agency or another party obtains a court order demanding we release information, we will comply.

Unique Identifiers

In our database we will typically assign a unique identifier to your records to ensure methodical and accurate record keeping. However, as stated previously, you might access our site anonymously and in that case we would only know your IP address, or your cookie. On another occasion you might buy something and disclose personal information. Because you might use different computers, or might clear your cookie cache, or your ISP might change your IP address, we might not be able to link all those records together.


Please note that we have automated procedures for purging old customer information. Further note, we review this policy from time to time to ensure we are following current industry best working practices. Please do give us feedback on how we might improve it, via the contact us page.

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