Three Stone Engagement Rings

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Beautiful 3 Stone Engagement Rings

The Three Stone Engagement Ring is a design classic, and for a very good reason: they look wonderful! The top of the ring is covered in diamonds which is why they sparkle so much!

Below are some examples of the Engagement Rings available in our Online Shop:

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Princess Three Stone Engagement Rings

Princess Diamonds are one of the most popular shapes for Engagement Rings. All our Engagement Rings are available in 18kt Yellow Gold, 18kt White Gold or Platinum.

'Karine' is a Three Stone Engagement Ring with a 'Bar' Setting:

three stone engagement ring
princess engagement ring
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Round Brilliant Three Stone Engagement Rings

Round Brilliant diamonds are cut in a way that they refract more light, making them more sparkly!

'Eternal' features a 'collet' setting holding its three round brilliant diamonds:

platinum 3 stone engagement ring
platinum engagement ring
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Why is Diamond Colour important in Three Stone Rings

Diamond Colour is graded on a scale from the colour 'D' to 'Z'. D is the top grade representing white (entirely colourless) diamonds. Z graded diamonds are strongly tainted.

At 1791 Diamonds, we only offer the top quality diamonds from D-J.

Diamond colour is particularly important when choosing a three stone ring, because all the diamonds should be the same grade, or at most only one grade apart, otherwise the difference will be noticeable because the three diamonds are so close to each other.

The diagram below shows the distribution of colour through the scale.

diamond colour
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