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Diamond Shapes

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The Different Diamond Shapes

There are many different diamond shapes. The most popular for engagement rings is the round brilliant shape.

round brilliant diamond shapeprincess engagement rings asscher engagement rings
marquise engagement rings oval engagement rings emerald engagement rings
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Round Brilliant Engagement Rings

round brilliant engagement rings

Round Brilliant Engagement Rings

The round-brilliant diamond shape was invented by a mathematician to maximise the amount of light reflected back out of the top surface. This is what makes a diamond sparkle so enchantingly. The better a diamond is cut, the better the sparkle.

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Fancy Shape Engagement Rings


princess engagement rings Princess Engagement Rings - The Princess is the most popular of the fancy shape diamonds, looking from above the diamond has a square shape. The princess shape has a great amount of sparkle and brilliance.
asscher engagement rings Asscher Engagement Rings - The asscher diamond shape is similar to the emerald shape, but the asscher shape is square. Just like the emerald, it is best to go for a diamond clarity of VS2 or higher due to the large top face.
marquise engagement rings Marquise Engagement Rings - The marquise diamond shape has an incredible ability of appearing a larger carat weight than it actually is due to the elongated points at each end. The marquise diamond shape will suit someone with slender fingers.
oval engagement rings Oval Engagement Rings - The oval diamond shape is quite simply an oval version of the round brilliant shape, the oval diamond shape will also suit someone with slender fingers.
emerald engagement rings Emerald Engagement Rings - The emerald diamond shape has a fairly large top face, this is a classic diamond shape that really needs a clarity grade of VS2 or above due to the wide open face.
pear engagement rings Pear Engagement Rings - The pear diamond shape is also known as a teardrop, pear shaped diamonds make stunning side stones, but can also create some beautiful solitaire engagement ring designs.
radiant engagement rings Radiant Engagement Rings - The square radiant diamond shape has a similar fire and brilliance to the round brilliant diamond shape, while having a similar appearance to the asscher and emerald shapes.

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