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Diamond Polish and Symmetry

This part of the Buyer's Guide covers Diamond Polish and Symmetry. These quality grades represent the care and craftsmanship that went in to the finishing of a diamond in your Engagement Ring.

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About Diamond Polish

Diamond Polish is a grade based on the quality of the surface of the diamond. It takes in to account things like pits, chips, scratches, polish lines or burn marks. These can occur naturally in the diamond or result from the cutting process.

The polish grades start at 'Poor' and go up to the top grade 'Excellent'.

Diamonds with Very Good or Excellent Polish are graded as such because polish marks are either not present at all or very hard to find under 10x magnifcation. A Good diamond polish grade means that polish marks will be visible under 10x magnification.

1791 Diamonds don't sell Fair or Poor diamonds.

About Diamond Symmetry

Diamond Symmetry is a grade influenced by how well the facets of the diamond have been placed in proportion to one another. In other words, how symmetrical and well in proportion the diamond is.

The grading scale is the same as it is for diamond polish going from 'Poor' to 'Excellent'.

Excellent or Very Good Symmetry diamonds have no or minor symmetry flaws. In Good symmetry diamonds the the flaws are noticable under 10x magnification.

A diamond with a high symmetry grade will allow the diamond to let as much light as possible in and out of it's main table. The higher the grade the better!

Polish and Symmetry - Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round brilliants are slightly different from fancy, or square shaped diamonds: they have not only a Polish and Symmetry grade; they also have a Cut grade.

The reason is that there is an internationally accepted formula created by the GIA for cutting this shape from the rough. The cut grade is made up of three main factors: Appearance, Design and Craftsmanship. Polish and Symmetry grades represent craftsmanship.

All 1791 round brilliants diamonds are Good, Very Good or Excellent Cut, Polish and Symmetry.

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Polish and Symmetry - Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy cut is a name given to an amazing array of diamond shapes like emerald, heart, princess, trillion, pear and asscher. Fancy shape diamonds do not yet have industry standard formulas, as round brilliants do, but they are unique and scintillating in their own right.

Since there is no set of rules on exactly how a fancy shape diamond is to be cut, most certificates don't come with a cut grade. Instead Polish and Symmetry play a bigger part. At 1791 all our fancy shape diamonds come with either Good, Very Good or Excellent Polish and Symmetry.

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