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Diamond Cut and Craftsmanship

Most diamonds are formed in a process that takes 2-3 billion years. Over extended periods dying plant material gathers on the ground. The Earths surface is endlessly moving, which we experience from time to time as earthquakes. These form large areas of rock to collide and buckle up to form hills and mountains and also to slide under and over each other. Some plant materials can end up hundreds of kilometres under the ground and the intense heat and pressure cause the diamonds to be formed. can end up 150-200km under the Earth's surface where the intense heat and pressure convert the carbon minerals to diamonds. The diamonds only come to be back at the surface as a result of volcanic eruptions.

Rough diamonds have to be cut by a skilled and experienced craftsman to become gemstones. This involves carefully examining the rough stone and working out what shape of diamond to cut to use the most of the rough, and to avoid any flaws in the rough stone. Cutting can involving striking the stone to cleave it along a line, cutting it with a band saw, or cutting wheel, and then of course polishing all the faces. In a process that takes 2-3 billion years, most diamonds are formed 150-200km under the Earth's surface. Carbon minerals to be converted to diamonds. Volcanic eruptions bring the

This is the diamond cut section of our buyers guide. We hope you find this guide to buying engagement rings helpful. We are more than happy to help if you have any questions.

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What is Diamond Cut?

The quality of a diamond's cut has a fundamental impact on its performance. To ensure you receive a truly enchanting diamond:

  • 1791 only sell round-brilliant diamonds with either of the very top two cut grades: very-good or excellent;
  • 1791 only sell fancy shape diamonds with very good or excellent, symmetry and polish grades.

Don't be fooled by something that looks great under intense halogen lights in a shop. Choose a diamond that has been independently certified to have a very good or excellent cut grade to ensure it will look just as fabulous in any situation.

In practical terms the difference between a diamond with excellent or poor grades is very noticeable: one will be bright white, and scatter a myriad of rainbow dots around the room as the light catches it, and the other will be dull and grey.

Always demand to know who determined the grade of a diamond. A diamond with a high grade is worth a lot more than one with a low grade. Some jewellers and suppliers set their own grades. Do not rely on these. Only buy diamonds with certificates from independent laboratories

At 1791, all our diamond grades are determined and certified by one of the following leading independent laboratories: GIA, HRD, and IGI.

These are the GIA diamond cut grades:

1. Excellent cut
2. Very Good cut
3. Good cut
4. Fair cut
5. Poor cut

Which Diamond Cut Grades do 1791 Diamonds Australia Sell?

Only Round-Brilliant shaped diamonds have GIA cut grades. We only sell Round-Brilliant diamonds with very good or excellent cut grades. Fancy shaped diamonds, including the Princess Cut, do not have GIA cut grades, and are instead graded for symmetry and polish. We only sell fancy shaped diamonds with very good or excellent symmetry and polish grades.

Some supplies set their own cut grades for fancy diamonds

platinum engagement rings An Emerald cut diamond in the Brillante Engagement Ring in Platinum.
princess multistone engagement ring 1791 Diamonds Australia Multi Stone Engagement Rings.

The Importance of the Diamond Cut

The diamond cut greatly affects the appearance of a diamond, this diagram below shows how diamonds with a low cut grade can leak light and not sparkle, this is why it is important to go for Very Good or Excellent cut grades which is what we sell at 1791 Diamonds Australia.

Diamonds with a high cut grade are bright, beautiful and scatter a myriad of tiny rainbow coloured dots around the room whereas diamonds with a low cut grade will not have this beautiful sparkle, they can look like dull grey glass and that is not what you want for your Engagement Ring!

diamond cut chart

With 1791 Diamonds Australia you can be sure of getting only the best quality diamond cut grades, therefore having the utmost sparkle from your Designer Engagement Ring.

Information on Diamond Cut

Diamonds with Excellent and Very Good cut have exceptional fire and brilliance, the fire is the bright coloured sparkle that the diamond creates and the brilliance is the contrasting black and white faces as you look inside the diamond, the fire and brilliance is what everyone looks for in a diamond and especially for Engagement Rings!

It was a mathematician named Tolkowsky who famously calculated the angles and percentages of the Round Brilliant diamond, he did this to optimise the amount of light that is refracted out of the top of the diamond, he called this the 'ideal cut', Tolkowsky is the man to thank for the beautiful fire and brilliance that we see in round brilliant diamonds today.

diamond cut chart

Excellent Diamond Cut

Diamonds with an excellent cut are as close as possible to ideal proportions, this maximises the brilliance in the diamond. Excellent cut diamonds with smaller table (top of the diamond) sizes have the added benefit of causing a huge amount of fire in the diamond.

Very Good Diamond Cut

Diamonds with a very good cut deviate only slightly from the ideal cut proportions. Very good cut diamonds do refract the majority of the light through the top of the diamond, this creates a good deal of brilliance.

Good Diamond Cut

The proportions of a diamond with a good cut are a fair way from the 'ideal cut'. Often the cutter has compromised the cut quality in order to optimise the overall size of the diamond. Diamonds with a good cut will reflect much less light out through the top of the diamond. We do not sell Engagement Rings with good cut diamonds.

Fair and Poor Diamond Cut

Diamonds with a fair or poor cut grade are cut to a low standard and will only reflect a small amount of the light that enters it, in turn losing the fire and brilliance. Typically diamonds with a fair or poor cut grade have been cut to optimise the carat weight over pretty much everything else. We do not sell Engagement Rings with fair or poor cut diamonds.

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