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Diamond Colour

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The Diamond Colour Scale

The diamond colour scale runs from D to Z, D is the best with Z being the worst. Only a certified diamond grader can really distinguish between each colour grade as the change in colour is so subtle.

The ideal diamond colour is D which is completely clear and free of any colour, but bear in mind the closer you get to the colour D the more expensive the diamond will be.

Please note that the chart below is applicable to Round Brilliant diamonds only.

diamond colour scale

Diamond Colour and Engagement Rings

We recommend diamond colours D-J for engagement rings. If you are looking for a very high quality diamond for your Engagement Ring we would recommend a diamond colour grade of D-F, but bear in mind that the cost of the diamond increases with the colour grade.

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Diamond Colour at 1791 Diamonds Australia

You can choose your diamond colour grade when purchasing an Engagement Ring with 1791 Diamonds Australia, we offer diamonds of colour grades D to J, if you need help choosing please contact customer services.

At 1791 Diamonds Australia we ONLY sell high quality diamonds and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high diamond colour grades. For more information please read our Diamond Policy.

Fancy Colour Diamonds

fancy diamond coloursThere are many different fancy diamond colours, in fact all of the colours of the rainbow.

Yellow and Brown diamonds are the most common coloured diamonds, they are not desirable and therefore not as expensive, whereas Pink diamonds are extremely rare and tend to have a very high value.

At 1791 Diamonds Australia you can have fancy colour diamonds in any of our Designer Engagement Rings.

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