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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

The most important thing to consider is your partner's personality and lifestyle, considering this can help you determine what style of Engagement Ring will be most suitable.

For example if your partner has a very active lifestyle they may suit an Engagement Ring with a low setting, and those with a more outgoing personality may prefer more of an elaborate or striking design.

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designer engagement rings 1791 Cluster Designer Engagement Ring in 18kt White Gold
multi stone engagement rings Quadrata Princess Multi Stone Engagement Ring in 18kt White Gold

Engagement Ring Finance

At 1791 Diamonds we offer an interest free finance option that allows you to pay off your ring in 5 payments over a 6 month period, interest free. We will send you your ring after the first payment has been made.

If you are interested in finance for your engagement ring or wedding band please see our engagement ring finance page.

Diamond Shapes

There are many different diamond shapes, at 1791 Diamonds Australia you can choose ANY diamond shape you like for your Engagement Ring.

The most popular diamond shape for Engagement Rings is the round brilliant, all other Diamond Shapes are called fancy shapes and the princess cut is the most popular of the fancy shapes.

round brilliant diamonds marquise diamond shape trillion diamond shape princess cut engagement rings

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Diamond Carat Size

Diamonds are measured in Carats which is a measure of weight, one carat weighs 200 milligrams (0.2 grams). A round brilliant diamond weighing one carat will be roughly 5mm in diameter. At 1791 Diamonds Australia you can customise your Engagement Ring to have a larger diamond.

Please see the Diamond Carat size chart below to see the relation between carat weight and size.

diamond carat size chart

Click here for more information on Diamond Carat Weight (Size).

Diamond Colour

The most desirable and most valuable diamonds are colourless, but the vast majority of diamonds have a slight yellow tint which is measured on a scale of D to Z. We only sell diamond Engagement Rings with colour grades of D to J.

diamond colour chart

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Diamond Clarity

Diamonds have tiny marks and blemishes as they are a natural substance, Diamond Clarity is the measure of these marks. At 1791 Diamonds Australia we only sell Engagement Rings with high quality diamonds of clarity grade SI2 or above.

diamond clarity chart

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Diamond Cut

To make natural rough diamonds suitable for Engagement Rings they must be cut and polished, the diamond cut scale has Poor cut, Good cut, Very Good cut and Excellent cut. At 1791 Diamonds Australia we only sell Engagement Rings with high quality diamonds of a Very Good or Excellent cut.

diamond cut chart

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Diamond Certification

diamond certificateEvery diamond engagement ring that has a significantly sized diamond should come with an Independent Grading Certificate, this authenticates the quality of the diamond. A certificate from the actual retailer may not be an accurate report of the diamond.

Diamond Certificates outline in detail the quality of your diamond, including diamond carat size, diamond colour, diamond cut, diamond clarity etc.

At 1791 Diamonds Australia we provide an independent diamond grading certificate with all diamonds over 0.30ct.

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Gold or Platinum Engagement Rings

All of our Engagement Rings are available in 18kt Gold or Platinum. Platinum is slightly more expensive than gold but it has a much higher durability and is hypoallergenic.Platinum Engagement Rings

We have Designer Engagement Rings in 18kt white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.


Click here for more information on Gold and Platinum Engagement Rings.

Engagement Ring Size

free ring sizer At 1791 Diamonds Australia we send out a FREE ring sizer with every order so you can find your correct ring size.

You can also click here to receive your FREE ring sizer now, you will also receive a printable ring sizer for those who can't wait a couple of days!

Valuation and Insurance

It is highly recommended that you insure your engagement ring once it is in your possession, you will need to have your Engagement Ring valued before it can be insured.

Click here for more information on engagement ring Valuation and Insurance.

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