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We set out below our diamond policy.  In summary we only sell high quality diamonds so you will never be disappointed.  If you have any questions then please contact us.

Our Diamond Policy

We always state exactly what Carat Weight, Cut, Clarity and Colour your diamond is.

To ensure a bright and sparkling diamond, we only supply ones with the very top cut grades: Excellent and Very Good.

To ensure your diamond is crystal clear, we only supply diamonds with colour grades D-J. e.g. no yellow diamonds.

Our Commitment to You

We do not use conflict diamonds.  Please see our conflict policy.

We only sell beautiful high quality diamonds.  Please see our diamond policy above.

We aim to be 30%-50% cheaper than the high street for a diamond with the same 4c grading.

We only make rings with 18kt gold or platinum.

We order a diamond from our distributor and then send it to an independent certification lab to ensure you get the quality and size you paid for.  Beware of shops that won't supply independent certs! 

We clearly state the minimum Centre-Stone-Carat-Weight as well as the the minimum Total-Carat-Weight.  Beware retailers quoting Total-Carat-Weight and then selling you a ring with several small cheap diamonds.

All our designs are exclusive to us.

Our jewellers have over 35 years of experience.

We provide a 14 day no fuss return policy. See terms and conditions.

We love to hear from you, and we love to help, you are welcome to contact us just to ask questions.


Several designs for 1791 Diamonds are by Alice Herald. Alice has a BA Honours Degree in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London, UK. During her degree, Alice worked for Benney, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths to Queen Elizabeth II, where she managed the Knightsbridge showroom, working to deliver top quality jewellery and silverware to clients. Alice has also worked alongside jewellers and fashion designers, and her jewellery has walked the catwalks of London Fashion week.

Master Jewellers for 35 years

Our Master Jeweller has 35 years of experience. 


We are happy to forward your ring for independent diamond certification and jewellery appraisals to any of the top Australian Labs.

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