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1791 Diamonds Pty Ltd Australia

1791 Diamonds Pty Ltd sells designer diamond engagement rings via the Internet. We employ top designers; use high quality diamonds, gold and platinum; apply some exceptional craftsmanship; but then rein in the costs when it comes to overheads by not having expensive shops, rent, rates and sales staff: all of which simply add to the cost of your ring with little benefit to you.

Meet The Team

We are here to help. If you need any assistance at all, please contact us.


General Manager Erika Renstrom
Design Sujin Lim & Alice Herald BA
Accounts Administrator Jenny Prout PhD
Co-Founder and Director Richard Prout BSc


Customer Promise

We make the following promises to you, our customer, so that you can buy with confidence from our website:

We do not use conflict diamonds.  Please see our conflict policy;

We only sell beautiful, high quality diamonds.  Please see our diamond quality policy;

We order a diamond from our distributor and then send it to an independent certification lab to ensure you get the quality and size you paid for.  Beware of shops that won't supply independent certs!;

We clearly state the minimum Centre-Stone-Carat-Weight as well as the the minimum Total-Carat-Weight.  Beware retailers quoting Total-Carat-Weight and then selling you a ring with several small cheap diamonds;

All our designs are exclusive to us;

Our jewellers have over 35 years of experience;

We provide a 14 day no fuss return policy. See terms and conditions;

We love to hear from you, and we love to help, you are welcome to contact us just to ask questions.

Professional Associations and Experience

Co founder and international designer Alice Herald created the elegant original collections of 1791 Diamonds engagement rings, her work has featured on the catwalks of London as well as in Australian and Russian Vogue magazine. All sales staff hold certificates in diamond grading from Australia's Gemological Society and are experienced jewellery advisors.

Our professional and Sales and Customer Services team will endeavour to answer all enquiries in a timely, helpful and informative manner. We will ensure each client is well looked after and that all rings are made and delivered on time. Richard Prout, who has over 20 years experience running companies, is our managing director. Our master jewellers have 35 years experience.

Investor Liaison

Shareholders / Investors: see Investor Liaison

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We trust that, having read the above, you have all the information you want and are ready to go shopping. If you still have questions then please contact us but otherwise, please head to our online shop and take a look at some of our wonderful rings ...

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