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Eternity rings are bought on a significant wedding anniversary, often after the 1st year. Eternity rings are typically either worn on the left ring above the engagement ring, in which case, its important to pick one that fits alongside and matches your engagement ring, or on their own on the right hand, in which case a simple ring with a single band of diamonds is more common.

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White Gold, Yellow Gold or Platinum Ring

When choosing an eternity ring, its a good idea to choose the precious metal to match an existing engagement ring and wedding band, if you wish to wear it on your left hand with those rings. It is however quite common to wear an eternity ring on the right hand, and in that case it doesn't have to be the same precious metal.

Remember, that Platinum is a little more expense than gold, but does have the advantage of being a little tougher, and also hypo-allergeninc. Regardless, if you did happen to scratch a ring its likely your jeweller can polish it out or make repairs. White Gold eternity rings have a rhodium coating, and so if scratched these have to be recoated, but this is a simple an inexpensive procedure.

Pero Celebration Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold Felicita Celebration Ring in Platinum 950


Significant Anniversaries

The 1st wedding anniversary is a very special date, and its common to give an eternity ring on that date. Some people wait until the 5th or 10th anniversary. Later anniversaries, like the 60th, which are usually celebrated with the giving of a diamond ring, are more traditionally a larger more elaborate diamond ring. Please see our diamond ring collection: click here.

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