Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Diamond Engagement Ring Style Guide

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Diamond Engagement Ring Design

Many people begin their search for the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring by choosing ring design; personal taste will play the largest role but budget may affect your options as well. These are the most popular Engagement Ring Designs:

  • Solitaire Rings only have one diamond and can suit any budget. Our solitaire engagement rings are available with diamonds starting at 0.30ct and up. There is also many Diamond Shapes to choose from.
  • Multistone Rings have accent stones to add sparkle and flair to the engagement ring. With extra diamonds you can also significantly increase the total carat weight of your diamond ring.
  • Three Stone Rings have a larger diamond in the centre with a pair of slightly smaller matching diamonds either side, creating an elegant tapered effect. It was traditionally designed to represent the past, present and future of the enamoured couple.

Engagement Ring Style

Multi-Stone Rings

Style is where personality really shines through as there are a number of different looks and inspirations for engagement ring designs. What kind of jewellery do you prefer? Classic understated pieces or bold and modern designs? Unique statement jewellery or romantic vintage designs? Think of the clothes you wear and jewellery you wear often, this will give you a good starting point of ways to introduce your style in to your engagement ring.

  • Contemporary diamond engagement rings are simply modern designs. The possibilities are endless as modern technology allows us to craft unique and innovative designs with amazing diamond shapes, laser engravings and hard-wearing and hypo-allergenic metals like platinum. The eye catching Embrace ring in Platinum is modern style ring with an invisible setting.
  • Traditional diamond engagement rings are generally 18kt yellow or white gold, often a solitaire diamond ring with a round brilliant diamond in a claw setting. The lovely simplicity of these diamond rings makes them timeless. View the aptly named La Classica in 18kt White Gold.
  • Vintage inspired designs are often quite intricate and dazzling with roots in the Victorian and Edwardian era. To get a true antique ring the best bet is a specialist auction house, but for a designer engagement ring with an vintage twist have a look at the stunning Opera ring in 18kt Yellow Gold.
modern diamond engagement ringtraditional diamond engagement ring vintage diamond engagement ring
Embrace   Pero   Opera

Personalized Diamond Rings

Why not create a unique engagement ring by adding a personal touch to one of our 1791 Diamonds designs? We can accommodate most requests. Please Enquire for more information as some changes may incur an extra cost.

  • Play with the accent stones. Add or remove diamonds to signify a number that is important to you. Maybe change the little diamonds to purple/pink or blue sapphires.
  • Add a logo or inscription to the inside, or outside(!) of the ring.
  • Swap the centre-stone for a different diamond shape.

If you would prefer to design your own engagement ring, we can help. 1791 head designer and product manager can work with you to make your vision of the perfect diamond ring come true. Please visit Custom Engagement Ring Design Service for more information or click the Enquire button below.

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