Engagement Ring Diamond Certification

Engagement Ring Diamond Certification

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What is a Diamond Certificate?


diamond grading certificate
An example of a diamond certificate that you will receive with your engagement ring.

Your diamond certificate (also known as a diamond report) will describe precise details about any diamond over 0.30ct diamond in your Engagement Ring.

1791 Diamonds Australia always provide an Independent Diamond Certificate for any diamond over 0.30ct that we sell.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the largest diamond grading organisation in the world, however there are many other respected organisations with most countries having independent certification laboratories of their own.


These are some of the main points that are outlined in the diamond certificate:

  • Diamond carat weight - The diamond certificate will state the precise carat weight of the diamond/s in your engagement ring. Further information on Diamond Carat Weight (Size).
  • Diamond cut - The diamond certificate will state how expertly the diamond was cut and polished, ideally the diamond will have very precise symmetry which is what causes the diamond to really sparkle! Further information on Diamond Cut.
  • Diamond clarity - The diamond certificate will state the clarity grade of the diamond. We only sell the highest quality diamonds from clarity grade SI2 to FL (flawless). Further information on Diamond Clarity.
  • Diamond colour - The diamond certificate will state the colour grade of the diamond. We only ever use diamonds with the highest colour grades (from D-J) for our Engagement Rings. Further information on Diamond Colour.


yellow gold engagement ring Eternal Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold with White Gold Setting from the Signature Engagement Rings Collection
platinum engagement ring The Maia Engagement Ring in Platinum from the Signature Engagement Rings Collection

Why is an Independent Diamond Certificate Important?

An independent diamond grading certificate is produced by a diamond grading laboratory which is completely independent of any distributor or retailer.

Ensure that you purchase an Engagement Ring with an independent diamond certificate. Some jewellers may create their own diamond certificates which is not what you want as they are the ones looking to make money and the certificate may not be accurate!

What Diamond Certificate will I receive with and Engagement Ring from 1791 Diamonds Australia?

We only sell diamonds over 0.30ct with entirely independent diamond grading certificates so you have 100% proof of the diamond quality in your engagement ring! This is a once in a lifetime purchase and we feel this assurance of quality is essential for anyone purchasing a Designer Engagement Ring!

The diamond over 0.30ct in your engagement ring will have been graded by one of the following laboratories:

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD)
  • International Gemological Grading Laboratory (IGI)
  • Advanced Gem Laboratory (AGL)

For further information see our Design Philosophy and Diamond Policy.

How are the Diamonds in my Engagement Ring Graded?

Diamond grading laboratories use advanced laboratory equipment to accurately measure the weight, dimensions and quality of your diamond. This equipment includes computers and sophisticated machines such as DiamondView and DiamondSure which are used to detect fake stones.

Note that fake stones such as cubic zirconia become chipped and damaged within weeks which is why they are not a good substitute, you simply cannot beat the durability and beauty of a real high quality diamond.

At 1791 Diamonds Australia we only sell high quality diamonds. For further information see our Design Philosophy and Diamond Policy.

Engagement Ring Valuations

If you are looking to have your Designer Engagement Ring insured (highly recommended!) you must first take your ring for a valuation.

The valuer will value the Engagement Ring based on the likely replacement cost of the diamond/s and the precious metals, the craftsmanship required to create the ring is also taken into account.

Further information about Valuation for Insurance Purposes.

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