Engagement Rings Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

This page outlines our design philosophy for our engagement rings, diamond rings, and wedding bands..

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Our Diamond Policy

We only sell the high quality diamonds. You can easily find cheaper diamonds on other sites but they may well have imperfections that we would not accept e.g. dark table inclusions, poor colour, cut quality below very-good or even more subtle things like strong fluorescence.

  • Diamond Cut grades - we only use Excellent and Very Good cut diamonds in our engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding bands. these are the two highest grades possible and directly affect how brightly you diamond sparkles. We clearly state which cut grade you are buying.
  • Diamond Colour grades - we only sell diamond with colour grades D-J. We clearly state which colour you are buying. Below J, diamonds have visible colour taint.
  • Diamond Clarity - We only sell diamonds of SI2 grade or higher. We clearly state which clarity grade you are buying. Below SI2 it is possible for you to see blemishes with your naked eye.
  • Diamond Carat - We always display the carat weight of the centre diamond (ct) in the ring, as well as the total weight of all diamonds (ctw). Be careful not to confuse the too. Cheaper jewellers often only show ctw and thereby hide the weight of the centre diamond. Small diamonds are very cheaper (tens of dollars). Large diamond are very expensive (thousands of dollars). Always compare ct and don't confuse it with ctw.
  • All of our diamonds that are above 0.30 carat come with an Independent Diamond Certificate, you should not buy diamonds without an independent report even if the jeweller seems very trustworthy.
  • We do not sell conflict diamonds, please see our Conflict Policy for more details.
  • We provide a 14 day no quibble return policy with all our rings. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

The 1791 Engagement Rings Design Philosophy

At 1791 Diamonds Australia we aim to create Designer Engagement Rings which are stunning in design and exquisite in craftsmanship. We only use high quality diamonds and 18kt gold and 950 grade platinum.

Our Modena rings embody a contemporary design philosophy, which results in stunning sleek and elegant rings. Our Signature rings are closer to the classic designs of the solitaire, three-stone and mulit-stone ring. Both embody the craftsmanship of our master jewellers and the renowned style of our head jewellery designer.

Alice Herald - Jewellery Designer

Alice Herald designed both our Modena and Signature collection of rings. Alice has a BA (hons) in Jewellery Design from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. She has collaborated with Cartier, DeBeers, Goldsmiths and Benneys in the past. Her work has walked the catwalks at London Fashion Week, and she has been featured in London, Russian, and Australian Vogue.

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